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Many people having cough troubles in this world and people like to have best solution for this cough. There is many cough medicines available in this world and before you using cough medicine you have to consult the proper doctor. Mostly cough is made in cold weather climates, especially child have cough in cold climates. It is also one kind of spread disease and people like to buy best cough syrup for their cough. In this world, there are many companies manufacturing the powerful cough syrup and this type of medicine can cure the cough disease as soon as possible. Some other person having smoking habit and it is a bad habit as well as this is affect the human lungs. After that, that kind of people having cough troubles finally they take some cough medicine. Generally, ordinary cough will automatically relieve within one week but smoking cough is frequently comes in human body to the tobacco effects.

Herbal cough medicine:

The quality cough syrup will not give any side effects to the human body but some other syrups will provide some side effects to humans as well as it will increase your resistance power. Some best Ayurvedic cough syrup has some effective medicines like tulsi, yahithi madhu, Nilgiris oil, navasar and so on. Moreover the Ayurvedic syrup has best medicine for cough and this medicine is fully made from nature herbals. So that, it will not gives any side effects to the human organism. One of the best nature herbal is ocimum sanctum and this herbal is used to clear respiratory tract as well as proven antiviral and it is an antibacterial medicine. Another one nature herbal is vasaka and this herbal clears liquefies viscid mucus as well as it is mucolytic and this is broadly used for treating cold, cough and so on. Moreover some syrup has solanum xanthocarpum which means kantakari and this is nature herbal medicine. This herbal also used for reducing the cold and cough so that, every person likes to take herbal cough medicine and it availed for the people in the reasonable rate.

Powerful cough medicine:

Generally, all cough syrup has more power and some other syrup has extra power and it is useful for adult using purpose. This type of syrup has detromethorphan pharmaceuticals and it is very powerful medicine to decrease the cough level and viral diseases. So that, children can avoids taking this type of medicines. Codeine is another cough medicine and this medicine is available in many cough syrups and this is also used for reducing cough and fever.

Nature medicine for cough:

There are many natural medicines obtainable in this world like honey is one of the nature cough medicine.  Children can use this medicine for their cough and you can use this honey for before you going to bed. The Ayurvedic medicines gives this type of cough syrup as well as it is also one of the energy purpose medicine. Coughs are two various types like acute and chronic as well as chronic is affected the human body long days but acute is affect only three weeks. You have to take correct cough syrup for your cough with the help of doctor prescriptions.


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