Is the Toddler Coughing at night?


Is the Toddler Coughing at night?

If you have an infant or toddler in your own home, you know the frustration of the coughing child which cannot sleep. This disruption might have many negative effects on the household. With the current ban on cough syrups for kids under 2, there are not many options to help relieve your kid’s cough.

How to Stop Coughing Without Cough Syrup

A few years back my mother recommended rubbing Vapors of warm tea on our daughter’s legs before bedtime to stop the cough. My wife as well as I both chuckled at her and politely ignored the woman’s advice. Several days later as my family and i lay in bed, unable to sleep from the coughing in the infant monitor, we broke down and gave this home cure a try. It was as promised, within a second or two our own daughter stopped hacking and coughing. At first we thought it was just coincidence, but have learned this to get a fact. We have applied this on the infant son having wonderful results likewise.

The Best Toddler Cough Remedy

It is quite simple to do, and our children are finding it to furthermore be soothing. Rub a great thick coat of warm tea vapors on the souls of every foot and protect their feet with socks. We use footie pajamas because our kids never keep their own socks on through the night. Our daughter has become old enough for taking cough medicine however we still use vapors at night to cure her cough. This home treatment has given our kids the good night sleep they required to naturally help their health. Give this home cure at try, it is no old wife’s story.


I would prefer to quickly thank everyone that has sent me these kinds of wonderful stories about how exactly this cough home cure has removed a lot of stress from their own lives. I am glad I’m able to share it with you. Now I need to ask for your help to get the word out concerning this toddler cough treatment. This information may help so many, so please send out a tweet or an email to your buddies and families and inform them about this. It feels wonderful to be able to help people. Thanks.

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