5 Causes for Coughing at Night


You are feeling fine all evening, but something happens once you lie down. You end up with this particular irritating tickle inside your throat or the nagging cough which only happens during the night. It’s been this way for weeks so what gives? According to eCoffeeOnline specialists, here are five reasons you might be coughing:

Asthma: I know when a lot of people think of asthma, they think of someone gasping for air. Although this really can be a sign, most people with asthma additionally experience a dry cough, so you might want to see your doctor for getting tested, just to be sure.coughing at night
Sinusitis: If it’s definitely not asthma, a chronic stuffy nose may be the culprit. When your sinuses tend to be clogged with mucus, it can drip down the rear of your throat (post sinus drip), and cause that annoying tickle. Allergies may possibly be causing your sinusitis, so your doctor may prescribe allergy meds or even a nasal spray to aid clear the way.

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Check your medicines: If you’re using certain meds like for example ACE inhibitors for high blood pressure, a dry cough is actually a side effect. So ask the pharmacist if coughing might be caused by one of several medications you’re using.
Acid reflux: If it’s not asthma or sinusitis either, another medical condition that may cause coughing at night is heartburn or acid reflux. When you lay down, the acid inside your stomach that will cause indigestion and heartburn may also wash into the lungs. If you think this is actually the problem, try to eat a smaller dinner later in the day, and elevate the head at least six inches whenever you sleep. If this does not help, there are OTC medications that may do wonders.
Iron Deficiency: Your cough might have something to do with your diet. If your body’s low in iron, swelling and irritation at the back of your throat is actually a symptom, which would cause you to cough. If you’ve heard this before, an iron dietary supplement may be all that’s necessary.

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