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All kinds of cough syrups.

Factors that People Consider Before Buying a Cough Syrup

A cough syrup contains ingredients that suppress or handle the symptoms associated with cough and several other conditions related to the problem. Many popular cough syrups are available for sale, having capability to supply effective treatment for cough. Numerous factors

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Toxic cough syrup

Toxic cough syrup describes a 2007 scandal with Panamanian pharmaceutical producers using diethylene glycol, which they thought to b glycerine, to make cough syrup. Diethylene glycol is a more affordable alternative to glycerine, however, diethylene glycol is actually nephrotoxic and

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Information about Cough Preparations

Cough Preparations Many cough products, especially cough suppressants, contain codeine or even DXM (Dextromethorphan). Codeine and other opiates are amazing cough suppressants, but they tend to be addictive. DXM, a powerful psychoactive substance, is particularly addicting. Cough syrup abusers can

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