Cough Syrup


cough syrup


A sweetened medicated liquid taken orally to ease coughing.


         You must have an ugly cough if you landed here. Well you’re in the right place. We here at eCoffeeOnline are tired of having an itchy throat.  You probably think you`ll buy a cough syrup and that`s that. Well.. it`s not that simple. There are many types of coughs. There are many types of cough syrups. There are many prices for the same cough syrup out there. Let us split them in categories, show you working remedies for sore throat, recipes for cough syrups, home remedies for cough, and low priced cough syrups that will fix your problems immediately.
       We should and we will start our article by saying that a cough isn’t a condition by itself. It is just the forced clearing of the throat and the airways of a person. When accompanied by other symptoms, the cough can indicate the persistence of a condition. Although the suggested home remedies will in most cases help you get rid of the cough, a severe cough should be checked by a doctor as it may be caused by a more complex condition. Usually a cough doesn’t indicate a threatening condition and can fix by itself in time. For those of you that don`t have that luck, I`m sure this article will help.
     Before we move on, please check out this video, to see a natural whooping cough syrup recipe, done in minutes:

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      One of the best remedies agains cough is an orange juice diet. If you suffer from a severe cough, you should dring orange juice mixed with water untill the severity of the cough is reduced. The right procedure is to get the juice from an orange and mix it in a coup with warm water and drink this for every couple of hours from eight AM to eight PM.
       When the cough starts to calm down, you should try an all fruit diet for the next 2 to 4 days. You should try fresh fruits like apples, oranges, peaches, or melons.
     Fruits don`t help ? Lets try to make a cough syrup, and see how that’s working:
Three tbsp. of honey
Three tbsp. of butter
Juice from two tbsp. vinegar or one lemon
a quarter tsp. of ginger
     Put them all together and then heat them on stove and try to mix them well. Take 1 teaspoonful at any time.
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    Lets finish in the same note, with another video:

I hope you will have a nice experience on this website. To your Health !

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